What I’m Wearing: Tiger of Sweden Tuxedo, Shirt and BowTie, with Guidomaggi Shoes.

This summer I had the pleasure of dressing up quite a few groomsmen during the wedding season. The most common questions I had been asked were, Should every man own a tuxedo? Do you need one? My answer is always, YES!

A formal tux is a bit of investment but well worth it, especially if you end up having a formal event that pops up. You must make some decisions on the shoes and the collar to appropriately pull it off. There is no cutting corners when it comes to wearing a tux because you will be wearing this look to somewhere formal that deserves every last attention to detail.

As we all know, I am a fan of rules, but I also think that rules should be broken once in a while.  In the case of the Rules Of Men’s Dress, there are some rules specific to black tie that should never be broken and others that are more malleable, but all in good taste of course. Here a few good rules when dressing for black tie.

  1. Black Tie is no longer all black. Opt for a midnight blue or even a velvet dinner jacket – which has that great smoking jacket look.
  2. Waistcoat is optional.
  3. Always choose a turn down collar for the shirt.
  4. No belts. No Belt loops.
  5. Learn to tie a bow-tie.




As we approaching holiday season, now is the time to find the perfect tuxedo. You need to have that tuxedo, having one just in case you get invited to that work holiday gala or any other holiday party that is fast approaching, as December is right around the corner.kishstyle-com-tuxedo-winter-style-menswear-3

kishstyle-com-tuxedo-winter-style-menswear-3kishstyle-com-tuxedo-winter-style-menswear-3If you are looking for a tuxedo off the rack or custom made for under $1000 CDN. Feel free to reach out to me or book my services. I want you looking your best this coming holiday season, and to assist you with all your wardrobe needs.




Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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