Pitti Uomo is the epitome of Men’s Fashion and has been held in Florence since 1972. This bi- annual event has been the ultimate trade show for the hottest Italian menswear designers. Pitti Uomo promotes Italian designers, and congregates all the most fashionable men from all over the world. Dandyism has never been more alive! As always, there was an abundance of clean suiting, suave hairstyles and sophisticated accessories.

Some of you may have doubted wearing a suit in the summer, but these classy gents prove you wrong. Gentlemen, it’s all about the fit. The best tip for wearing a suit in style is the proper fit, so be sure to find a good tailor that can make that happen for you. Apart from fit, rocking a summer suit is about knowing the types of jackets and cuts. Be knowledgeable on these things this will prepare you to wear the right suit to the appropriate event. A summer suit is best worn in light colors and fabrics. Look no further for some of the best dressed gents at Pitti Uomo.

Check out this suit guide to get ideas and inspiration for which suit suits you.pitti-uomo-menswear-fashion-blogger-style-by-kish-2pitti uomo dandy fashion mensewear - summer men's fashionpitti uomo dandy fashion mensewear - summer suitpitti uomo dandy fashion mensewear - white suit



Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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