So, here we go again with a great pinstripe suit! This is a suit from the SS16 collection from Tiger of Sweden. It was on the sale rack, and it caught my eye right away. I needed it since it was one of the unique pieces from Tiger of Sweden that season. I had to couple it with a stripped shirt to really have this outfit come together.






Most of you know how much I love pulling off these well tailored, crazy suits all the time. I do love going for the staple suit of grey, navy or black, but I feel like sometimes you can pull off some bold pinstriped suits as well.  I’ve seen guys pulling off a bolder navy and white striped suits,  so a more simplified dark navy-gray pinstriped suit is an easier one to try out.  For a more bolder approach to this suit, I would go for a solid colored shirt, even a dark army green could be interesting to match with this suit. The best way to style a suit like this is treat it like a solid colored navy suit, and don’t worry about the contrast, or the tie pattern you choose or the shirt you pair it with.





People have often asked me, ‘Is this a statement suit?’ and ‘how can I have more wear out of this suit?’. Simply put, you can change up this suit by wearing the blazer with a simple black trouser or you can wear the suit trouser with a black blazer. You should own that classic and all-important black suit and have it lying around in your closet. Make the most of what you have, I always say. Mix and match your suits, this is made easier when the first few suits you own are black, navy and grey. If you own that trifecta, you can expand your closet with shirts and accessories and use your talent to style appropriately.




Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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