The Milton Shoe Company is one that aligns well with my style and what I look for in a good quality menswear brand. It’s no surprise that for my collaboration with The Milton Shoe Company, I chose their Chelsea Boot. Every man needs a good pair of boots and a Chelsea Boot is my absolute go-to when completing a stylish look.

The Milton Shoe Company is a brand that is designed in Canada and made by the hands of skilled craftsmen in their family’s workshop in Portugal with only the finest whole-grain leathers. Each purchase merges heritage with the latest trends to offer the customer the best of both worlds. They offer a carefully curated selection of updated classics for the style-conscious urban man. This is the first reason I decided to work alongside them, with another reason being that they are offering a new feature to their beautifully designed and crafted green-soled shoes.
Exclusively through their new Kickstarter campaign, each pair of Milton’s can be personalized. The wearer can have their favorite quote or mantra engraved in their favorite pair. Wear them throughout the day to be inspired with every step taken. The best part? Through the Kickstarter campaign, the Milton Shoes will be offered at their lowest price ever, less than half of what they usually retail for.kishstyle_milton_shoecompany



Just take a look at all the times I rocked a great Chelsea boot. I really wasn’t kidding when I said it was my favorite type of boot.
Click on my picture below to see the outfit post you might have missed the first time I posted it.
Tailored Floral
kishstyle - Milan - Outfit
Milan: Spring Feeling
Blue Suede Shoes

Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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