Whether you look at the latest designer runways or top men’s fashion magazines, there’s one look that’s constant and trending. The suit and trainer look might seem controversial from those of the older generation. Some might even go so far as to call it a “fashion crime”. But the world of fashion is evolving and wearing formal suits with casual trainers is the biggest thing right now. The problem with this trend is that it can be difficult to pull off regardless of how good it looks on the runway.

You’d be surprised to find that it’s incredibly easy to get the outfit wrong. Maybe you chose an ill-fitting suit or you didn’t choose the right pair of trainers. Either way, your look can easily transition from “fab to drab”. Here are some useful tips to help you pull off the perfect suit and trainer look:

  • Choose the right shoes – There are a whole range of trainer options available and this is perhaps where many guys go wrong. If you’re thinking of wearing your suit with the same shoes you wore for your daily jog, it might not be such a good idea. Low-top trainers are one of the best choices if you have to wear them with a suit. You can wear these with suit trousers that reveal a bit of your ankle. Of course, you’ll have to ditch the socks to pull off this look. Classic Vans trainers may be your best bet in low-top trainers.

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High-top trainers are a little harder to pull off with a suit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. Since they sit higher on your leg, you’ll need to wear them with trousers that also sit a bit higher on your leg to reveal the trainers. Avoid going for something that looks too bulky, as this might ruin the entire silhouette of your outfit. Picture sleek and casual when you think of this look. Maybe a pair of high-top Chuck Taylors would be perfect.

Plimsolls may be the perfect choice for the suit and trainer look, as they are often sleek and classic. A pair of Vans plimsolls might work just fine. It’s a lot harder to go wrong when wearing these shoes with a well-fitted suit. As for colors, make sure you go for neutrals and solids like black, white, and beige. These work well with anything, but you could also add a bit of color here and there if you feel especially daring.

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  • Pick the right suit – It’s extremely difficult to find the right suit. In fact, a lot of men get it wrong even when they’re wearing a suit with formal shoes. This is simply because they failed to get a suit that’s properly fitted for them. Everyone is built differently and nothing reveals this more than a suit does. You can’t just walk into a store and expect to find a suit that perfectly fits your body. It might be wise to invest in a tailor-made suit because even if it costs more, you won’t end up looking like you just threw on whatever you could find from your granddad’s closet.
    Simple and clean should be the priorities when finding a suit for this look. If you’re new to this trend, you better stay away from prints or patterns because they’re not easy to pull off. For instance, pinstripes look quite formal so they might not be the best choice for this outfit. Leave it for the office or for a 1920s Halloween costume. For the time being, just stick to the basics like black, grey, or navy. Bold colors like green or burgundy might be too loud and they’re itself a fashion statement. So they could compete with the entire suit and trainer look.
  • Combine the right colors – Now you have the perfect suit and the perfect trainers. The final step is to combine the right colors to make the outfit look perfect as well. An all-white look might be too much for many people. So you could add a contrasting color in black or navy to a white suit. A black suit will look good with almost any neutral color for trainers. For the summer, a classic pair of all-white trainers might be the perfect choice.

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If your suit is navy, you could go for trainers in black, white, or beige. Lighter colors like beige and white add some contrast to the look so you might want to wear any of them to pull off the perfect smart casual look. Grey suits are extremely versatile and you have plenty of color options to wear with them. For a more formal affair, wear the suit with all-black trainers. White will add some laidback yet pulled-together touch to the look.

These are the basic rules to wearing your suit with trainers. Just make sure you go for investment pieces that will look classy and pull together the entire look. It’s never a good idea to compromise on quality just to save a few bucks.




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