kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-7Last week, I started my rounds of the European Men’s Fashion Collections. This is always a fun opportunity to meet new people and discover new brands. Already, I have had the opportunity to wear some amazing things. My first stopon my fashion week trip was London. What a great time I had! After all, I had the chance to collaborate with, a menswear subscription box. Finally!  A fashion subscription box for men. The website that has you fill out a short survey about your style preferences and finds the best clothes that suit your personality. Membership fees are only $60/month for an individually curated box of 3 seasonal items. Moreover, I love the clothes that are offered, Five Four Club delivers stylish and classy pieces.



kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-4kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-7kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-6From classy to urban or casual chic, Five Four Club has clothes that suit all of your needs. I chose some of my favourite pieces that they offer in their subscription boxes to showcase to you how truly stylish this box subscription is. You’ll see me giving you different outfits and looks from Five Four Club throughout my stint at fashion week. As it where, I wear a suit most of the fashion week days, but it is always a good idea to shake things up. In fact, I had so much fun coming up with styling ideas outside of my comfort zone and create these great looks with a hot trend this season – the Turtleneck. kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-8As it was a gloomy morning in London, comfort and practicality went with style as pulled this dark army green look pulling it together with black Chelsea boot. kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-3

kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK1-3Five four also carry a shoe brand called New Republic, which helped me pick out shoes to match each look. The shoes we chose had distinct and classic English style to it. Both of them still remaining contemporary, the Buck shoe is colorful and the Chelsea Boot is practical and urban. kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-7



kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-5 kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-4My afternoon ‘fit was kept simple and monochromatic, matching a rich, royal blue bomber with a warm turtleneck and a colorful Buck shoe. kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-3


kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-2 kishstyle-london-2017-fivefourclub-LOOK2-1

I have more outfits and styles that I wore in London for their Men’s Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more posts of my European Fashion Week trip. Follow me along as I continue my fashion week coverage and share with you my personal outfits and the other amazing brands that I will be collaborating with. Follow me as I continue onto  Pitti Uomo in Florence, then Milan and finally, the epitome of all things fashion, I will have arrived for Paris Men’s Fashion Week.





Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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