Union Jack Boots asked me to pick out my favorite VANS and I chose this pair. I LOVE the Vans studs authentic gore in true white, as we move towards spring these Vans are versatile and would be cool to rock with anything. I wanted to give my audience a tip on how to wear a full suit but keep it very sporty along with a bit of sex appeal. I often get asked “How do I pull off a business look with a classy slip-on?”, here it is…20160313_Kish skateboard park 03

What i’m wearing: Top man Full suit, Vans Shoes, B&R Sunglass!

20160313_Kish skateboard park 02The main reason I pulled these is to make sure you can pair with a suit or a more casual street style.  As the weather heats up with summer’s arrival, these would also go great with shorts. 20160313_Kish skateboard park 29

20160313_Kish skateboard park 22

20160313_Kish skateboard park 24This look shows how you can be comfortable while running around town this spring with style. 20160313_Kish skateboard park 11

20160313_Kish skateboard park 09

20160313_Kish skateboard park 52

20160313_Kish skateboard park 55

20160313_Kish skateboard park 56

20160313_Kish skateboard park 60For me, I’m all about being sexy with comfort and ease – so definitely this laceless slip-on will be one of my favorites for Spring/Summer 2016.

Also Make sure to check out Union Jack Boot’s newest items for the season.

Enjoy 🙂



Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.


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