Summer is here, so gone are the days of suits and layering. I’ve moved onto shorter sleeves and shorts for the summer months. I’ve teamed up with Le Shark to show you how to style the perfect short sleeve shirts for summer. I have 3 stylish looks to get you through the hot summer months. It’s all about light fabrics and mixing textures and contrasting the tops with the bottoms. Summer is the time to forgo layers and focus on bright colors and accessories.


There is something to be said about that golf pro style, a classic Polo with a great pair of shorts is a great way to stay stylish on hot summer days. A great belt to break up the outfit and make it less casual. This short sleeve look is a sure fire way to be more stylish this summer.


If you are ever in doubt of what to wear this summer, toss on the summer go-to: The T-shirt. You will never fail with a bright staple like this.  A t-shirt is an especially good pick for an outfit if it’s a vibrant color or print, those little things with make your outfit stand out. A T-shirt is always lightweight and casual, great for those days when you are running errands or exploring the city.


Probably one of my favorite shirts of all is the almighty dress shirt. Even when you dress this shirt down, you’ll still be the best-dressed guy in the room. This is the most dapper you will look this summer, without having to don a suit. I like to tuck the shirt in to really elevate the look.

Need an all day look? Start the day off with the shirt untucked with a pair of shorts, and for the evening tuck that dresses shirt into a great pair of slim cut dress pants.


Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.


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