My goal for 2018 is to be fit and eat clean and healthy. I used to work out a lot and I stopped for about 8 months leading up to my wedding. I haven’t been feeling my best obviously, and I needed to get back to the gym. It’s been really hard getting back to where I was, as all of you have experienced before, I am sure. You know how life gets, and we all get busy in life.

So, I have partnered up with Clean Meals to help me get to my health and fitness goals for this year. To add to that I knew I had to take my gym routine to the next level as well, in order to see ultimate results. GUESS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR GUYS?!  Boot camp, yeah! For me, the only way to get myself motivates is to train with others. Last month, I started going to boot camp and it has been a wonderful experience. It’s been invigorating going all out, attending classes 6 days a week and some days even going twice.

Sometimes when we work out we don’t see the results right away because of what we eat. It’s like what everyone says, 80% of the results come from the kitchen, and 20% the workout. Clean Meals have helped me and guided me throughout with meals for 10 days. To be honest, it can be really hard to control portion sizes, especially if you’re eating out at restaurants all the time. I like how I get the proper portions and healthy meals with Clean Meals, portioned out and ready to serve.  Furthermore, they offer meat, vegan and vegetarian meals options, delivered right to your door.  This works really well for me, and since I am pescatarian I went with a vegetarian option. 

With my busy lifestyle and wanting to stay on track with my meals and focused on the gym, I really like what Clean Meals has to offer. I don’t have to cook! (or clean up pots and pans… which might be the number one benefit for some of you.) Another bonus is that it makes counting calories and keeping on track with meals much easier.

If you want to get healthy like me, or like the idea of not cooking, try Clean Meals and use my code “CLEANKISH25” to get $25 off first order. 

Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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