Canadian winters call for some serious jacket style, in particular, the parka type. Altitude Sports asked me to try out their Sorel Caribou parka, a very stylish option for those pretty cold Toronto nights. This parka is a well crafted Canadian goose down filled parka, which is highly water resistant and has internal quilting for extra warmth.

What I like about this winter coat is its stylish and classic look for winter. I’m wearing it with a great wool pant and chunky knit sweater. Even if you feel as if no one can see your outfit. It’s always nice to dress to impress no matter the weather. In fact, Toronto is warm enough these days, that you can wear your jacket open and truly make it part of your look. This Sorel jacket is great for just that.


kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parkaEven though I am not a big fan of wearing Parka jackets,  I do live in cold country (Toronto, Canada). When we did the shoot for this post it was -5 in Toronto and, to be honest, wearing this Sorel Caribou Parka jacket kept me extremely warm. Walking around in this parka, I couldn’t feel the wind at all and I was at a comfortable temperature. This coat makes me rethink my no parka rule. But seriously, I felt like nothing gets through it and the hood is the perfect size. This jacket also comes in grey, which is also very nice.

kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka

Usually, I am always cold when I wear my other jackets but not with this Sorel overcoat. This one I felt as though I could have been outside for long time without complaining about cold. You can tell that this jacket is well made, it has a high quality feel and looks great, don’t you think. Not only does it keep me toasty warm but, has plenty of large pockets which has the functionality and practicality you want out of a winter parka, without sacrificing style. kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka kishstyle-winter-2017-altitude-sports-sorel-parka


Click here for more information on Sorel, their brand, apparel and Canadian Heritage.



Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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