When it comes to writing a travel post, I am so lazy when I get back. I get that feeling that I need a vacation after my vacation. Although, I haven’t been one to write too many travel post, I will try my best to do it more often. I feel more motivated to share my worldly experiences with you.



I recently took a trip to Bucharest, Romania. It was my second time travelling there, but this time I spent a lot more time and it was well worth it. As many of you know, I obviously love traveling and exploring new places. Everything is exciting and different, the food, the customs, the music and those views!

One thing that really stood out for me, about Romania, was the food. I love eating and trying new things but I haven’t really shared much on my blog, about being a foodie. All these confessions in this post today. In the next few months, I will be expanding my blog to include more of these topics, beyond men’s style and fashion. I would like to delve into fuller content, like travel and food.

I would have to say that my all-time favourite thing to eat while I was there was the KEBAB Turkish meal. I’ve had Kebab elsewhere before, but this place has the freshest and tastiest. I ate it pretty much everyday since you could get it 24/7.


The reason I took my trip to Romania was to visit one of my good friends, who just graduated as a doctor. He is also a menswear fashion blogger and you should check out his site at


We did travel around Romania and made our way around a few cities – Brasov, Sibiu and Sighisoara. All of them being more picturesque and wonderful than the last.

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kishstyle-romania-travel-mensweatEach cities we visited, had wonderful traditional Romanian food along with some great musicians. All in all I had a wonderful trip and I hope to return again soon.

Click here for more details and images for Romanian Foods, here.

Want to see more of my travels? I went to Cancun and Madrid this year, check out the posts on my blog.




Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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