With the spring not too far away, I have partnered with Nakturnal to bring you the chance to win one of two gift cards worth $100 from East Dane, a US-based online menswear retailer.

You’ll want to make sure your prepared to look sharp. Style changes season to season so today we’ll be looking at 8 essential menswear pieces to have for spring. Hope this $100 gift card can get you some great pieces from East Dane.

#1 – Polo Shirts

Originally invented for tennis, polo shirts are comfortable, stylish and have a fair amount of classiness to them. Ideally, they should fit snug on your chest and biceps with some looseness in the midsection. Pastel and bright colours look great on them too, including blue, green, yellow and orange. Cotton or blends of cotton are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect the spring heat.

#2 – Chino Pants

Versatile and easy to wear. These two traits easily sum up chinos. Odds are you might already have a pair in khaki because they are so popular. Chino is a twill fabric that was used for military uniforms before becoming mainstream. It originates from China, hence why the name of the fabric is so close to the countries name. Good spring colours to choose from include khaki, blue, and white. You’ll find that you can throw on practically any outfit and it will match effortlessly.

#3 – Loafers

The spring means it’s time to bring out some fun and casual shoes, so of course, loafers had to be mentioned. Whether they’re leather, suede, have tassels or are plain, loafers are a shoe that needs to be in every mans wardrobe. Pair them with shorts and a polo shirt for a timeless look. If you need to dress up for an event, loafers look great with suits or formal attire.

#4 – Chino Shorts

You might have chino pants, but do you have chino shorts? Made out of the same material as their pants counterpart, chino shorts are comfy and fashionable. They should ideally land above the knee for a good fitting. You can wear with them with anything from sneakers and a t-shirt to boat shoes and a dress shirt.

#5 – A Good Watch

For staying punctual and adding a finishing touch to your look, a watch is a great investment. They come in many different styles that all have their own place in menswear. For casual activities, a chronograph watch is a good choice. When you’re at a formal event, a simple dress watch with a leather strap is key. And if you find yourself hiking or being active, a digital watch will come in handy. Remember to match the accents of the watch to other accents like loafer bits.

#6 – Sneakers

Dressing casually is needed every now and then. For those days, you’ll be glad you have a pair of sneakers around. You don’t need anything fancy or over the top either, just a simple pair of white low tops. They don’t attract attention, match with everything and you can find them for cheap.

#7 – Dress Shirts

The best part about dress shirts is that they look awesome on their own or layered with other pieces. With the warm spring weather though, having one on with a pair of chinos and loafers is all you need to look great. Linen, silk and cotton blends are lightweight and breathable, thus they make the best fabric options.

#8 – Messenger Bag

For work, school and everything else, a messenger bag improves your style and serves a real function. They have plenty of space for your laptop, phone, keys and daily essentials. Leather ages with time but will require a bit more care to remain in good condition. If you want a bag you can rough up a bit, a canvas is a way to go. That sums up the major menswear pieces to consider for this spring. Having these in your wardrobe will give you plenty of outfits to put together.

OK, now all you have to do is head over to the East Dane, pick out your favourite item, paste the link into the comments below. HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVOURITE SPRING PICKS
  1. POLO SHIRTS/ Semi-Fancy Polo Shirt or Here 
  2. CHINO PANTS/ Leonard Chinos or Here 
  3. LOAFERS/ Adrian Tassel Loafers or Here
  4. CHINO SHORTS/ Quintana Shorts or Here
  5. A GOOD WATCH/ Re-Run Watch or Here
  6. SNEAKERS/ Giron Sneakers or Here
  7. DRESS SHIRT/ Sylvain Solid Dress Shirt or Here
  8. MESSENGER BAG/ Bridge Closure Messenger or Here 
Visit the East Dane website, and pick a product that you would get if you won.
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A note to international winners:
If you are located outside of the US—international shipping is free for orders of $100 or more, but any potential customs tariffs must be paid for by the winner. 
A note to ALL entrants:
Remember that you must leave a comment below in order to be officially entered into the giveaway. 
Deadline to enter is Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at 11:59 PM EST. I’ll then select the two winners.
Good Luck

Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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