When it comes to men changing up their style and having fun with it, they’re just not as good at it as women. Most men like to stick to what they know, and just don’t have any idea how they can change things up. That’s where this post comes in! Here are 7 exciting ways you can funk up your fashion if you feel you’re stuck in a style rut:

Change Your Hairstyle 

To change up your look, you don’t even really need to change the way you dress. How about just trying a new hairstyle? If there’s a hairstyle you’ve always wanted to try, be bold and go and get it done. Alternatively, you can style the hair on your face. Grow a beard, grow some designer stubble, just do something different. Your hair can make a huge difference to your look and how other people perceive you!

Wear Patterns 

Patterns aren’t only for the bravest people out there. You can start by wearing a patterned necktie, and then move on to patterned kahala shirts when you’re feeling a little braver. The key to wearing patterns is to wear one you really like, and not to worry about what other people say. If they’re not used to seeing you in patterns, they’ll probably comment. Don’t take it personally. This is your style, not theres! 

Include Texture

The texture is the key to making any outfit stand out. It’s perhaps a little easier for women, as they can add texture with their bags, and other accessories that they seem to carry more than men. Look for items that are different textures so you’re not wearing outfits that look dull as a whole. Mix up materials and have fun with your choices!

Block Color

Don’t be afraid to use block color in your outfits either. For example, a bright shirt with a different colored t-shirt. There are all kinds of ways you can do it depending on how you feel most comfortable!

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

How come men forget to accessorize? Most men, anyway. Men can use bags, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and rings just like women. Don’t forget to add them. They’ll add texture, as mentioned earlier, and help your look to feel a little more complete. Without accessories, you could end up with gaps in your outfits.

Take Inspiration From A Favorite Musician/Actor

Do you have a favorite musician or actor? Take inspiration from them. Don’t rip off their style – have a bit of creativity and simply take aspects from their look that you appreciate and incorporate it into your own style.

Start Off Small

If you’ve never done anything exciting with your outfits before, start off small. Even if you just start with a patterned pair of socks, it’s better than not trying at all. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing all kinds of items and accessories with confidence!

Which of these tips are you going to use to make your look more exciting? Leave your thoughts and ideas below.


Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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