Whether you will be going solo this Valentine’s Day or taking out your special someone, I have the best outfits for you to try out for this 14th. On top of wanting to look stylish and effortless, there are so many, many ways you can spend your Valentine’s this year. I wanted to highlight some of the hot places to check out in my hometown of Toronto.

Although, some Valentine’s Days are meticulously planned with arms full of flowers and chocolates, how about taking a step back this year? I’ve come up with so low-key Valentine Day ideas for you and your remarkable person. Here, are some local Toronto dates ideas to suit your Valentine’s Day needs. These are some date ideas that are appropriate, no matter how new or old your relationship is.


Dinner & Movie
The Go-to Classic, date night. Pick a romantic movie and your favorite restaurant and go. You can never fail with a good old faithful night. You know why people have this date over and over? Because, it’s always fun. A monochromatic look is a good choice for your movie night. And, movie theatres are always chilly. Put on your stylish pull over and give your significant other a squeeze.
kishstyle_couple_valentines_day kishstyle_couple_valentines_daykishstyle_couple_valentines_dayMuseum & Wine

Searching for a more refined type of evening? Why not head over to the AGO and waltz through the halls, looking at the impressionists f the 1800s, or great Italian Sculptures. After that, you’ll need a drink to discuss all that amazing art. It’s always fun to check out a new bar, so off you go to your next destination. Off to the next location, over to Kensington to try out a new and amazing wine bar, called Grey Gardens. This date calles for a dress-to-impress kind of vibe. I decided to go for a preppier look, find that smart suit jacket and break it up with a lighter colored pant. kishstyle_couple_valentines_day kishstyle_couple_valentines_daykishstyle_couple_valentines_daySnitzel & Comedy

Maybe you aren’t dating yet, but you want to get things off the ground. Start your “date” at a Queen West, hot spot, Otto’s Bierhalle for some German food.  Going to see a comedy show is a sure fire win. Once you have both stuffed your face with snitzel and sausage, it’ll be time to laugh those calories off. Go on over to Yuk Yuks for amateur night.

For this date, play up for laid back and playfull side by choosing a pattern shirt. You don’t want to look like a clown so match your patterned dress shirt with a similar color for the bottoms. This will give you a seemless and stylish look for your playfull date. kishstyle_couple_valentines_day kishstyle_couple_valentines_daykishstyle_couple_valentines_dayCook & Stay-In

Just like a Staycation, spending your Valentine’s Day at home can be relaxing. Think about it, no reservation at that hottest restaurant in the city, no need to rush after work through rush hour to pick up your lady. Going home to a cook a nice Italian or French dinner is the way to anyone’s heart.  Set the table for your fabulous meal and pop the best bottle of red you got from that fancy friend of yours, that one time. The bottle you’ve been saving since Christmas, this is the moment for it. Even though you are staying in this “holiday” make sure you wear your best pair of khakis, this is a date after all. No tie or dress shirt is needed for this date but go in on the details gentlemen. Fix your hair and wear her favorite outfit of yours.

kishstyle_couple_valentines_day kishstyle_couple_valentines_day Don’t Stress

Even if you do end up all by your lonesome this year, don’t forget to always put yourself first. This holiday is just to show those special people in your life a little love. If you are single for this holiday of romance, don’t stress and don’t worry. You can always go to you favorite bar with your friends and shoot some pool and worry about date ideas next year, when you are dating again. Just make the most of the day or keep it casual and fun. Hey, at least you are saving money this year.

kishstyle_couple_valentines_day HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! 


Special thanks to grafic.com for the clothes, many of which are pieces from their Spring ’17 collection.


Kish Raveendran is a Canadian model, creative director, stylist and fashion entrepreneur.

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